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Fair Futures advises organisations on how to embed human rights, especially anti-slavery practices, into their operations alongside environmental goals.

We work with you to build a world where business thrives, communities flourish, and social impact is at the heart of every decision.

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Embedding human rights into the net zero agenda

Businesses need to rapidly decarbonise at scale and speed.  It’s a “green rush”.

But there are human rights challenges buried in value chains, including forced labour and slavery. Businesses are just one player in a larger set of systems.

Through deep stakeholder engagement and research, we work with clients to diagnose complex human rights challenges, and to design and build strategies that address immediate risk, and drive systems change.

Helmed by Founder and CEO Fiona David, Fair Futures approaches these issues with fresh thinking, drawing a track record of building viable solutions to complex system level problems like forced labour and slavery from the ground up. 


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Fiona David

Fiona David, CEO and Founder

Our expertise

Modern Slavery Risk

Our director was the architect of the Global Slavery Index, an internationally cited source on modern slavery that has driven legal and policy change around the world. With over 25 years of experience getting to the roots of forced labour and slavery worldwide, we’ll help your organisation make informed decisions about risk, and chart a course that prioritises business imperatives alongside human rights and sustainability. 

Delivering Social Impact

Directing capital to drive social impact is both an art and a science.  We have been entrusted by leading philanthropists, UN organisations and foundations to design initiatives that deliver measurable social impact on critical human rights and sustainability challenges.  We can work with you to embed evidence-based approaches to delivering social impact, through your philanthropic investments or your investments and business strategy.   

Building Safe Migration

Fair Futures draws on deep expertise in systems and processes required to enable safe migration and decent work for migrant workers.  This is particularly relevant for organisations that rely on high proportions of migrant unskilled labour.  We can help you identify and respond to risk in the labour migration process, and develop well-considered programs of remediation where problems are identified. 

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Latest insights


Modern Slavery Risk and WA's Clean Energy Plan

In this paper, Fair Future's Fiona David and Shannon Hobbs outline the forced labour risks embedded in Western Australia's energy transition supply chains, and advocate for action to be taken to adequately combat these risks.

Modern Slavery Risk And WA's Clean Energy Plan

Lost hope, lost lives: Insights into Lebanese irregular migration

This report was prepared for the International Organization of Migration (IOM). Empirical research undertaken in early 2023 generated new insights into the irregular migration intentions of Lebanese nationals.

Lost Hope, Lost Lives: Insights Into Lebanese Irregular Migration

Survivor Perspectives on the Anti-Slavery Commissioner Bill

What matters most to survivors of modern slavery in the design of the Federal Anti-Slavery Commissioner role? This is an important question that this submission aims to answer from the perspective of lived experience. In January 2024, we interviewed six survivors of modern slavery in Australia, to understand their views on the Bill before the Committee. This submission is based on those interviews.

Fair Futures Submission Antislavery Commissioner Bill 22 Jan 2024

Submission to Inquiry into Australia's Human Rights Framework, Fiona David and Dr David Tickler

This submission examines some of the human rights issues embedded in Australia’s transition to a ‘net zero’ economy. This illustrates the urgent need for comprehensive, national human rights reform.

Human Rights Act Submission Fiona David David Tickler

Submission to the Targeted Review of the Federal Criminal Code Act, Fiona David and Olivia Hicks.

This submission suggests several improvements to the Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth), including closing gaps between existing legislation and the international legal framework.

Criminal Code Submission, Fiona David And Olivia Hicks

Submission to the Inquiry into the Climate Change Amendment (Duty of Care and Intergenerational Climate Equity) Bill 2023

This Inquiry is considering a statutory duty for lawmakers to take the health and wellbeing of future generations into account when making 'significant decisions' regarding climate change. In this submission, the co-authors strongly advocate for the passage of the proposed legislation.

Submission To Inquiry Into A Duty Of Care, Fiona David And Tahlia Mcdonald