Our values are not defined by the things we say we’re going to do, but by the things we actually do.

Fair Futures Founder & CEO Fiona David is an expert in high-impact policy reform and systemic social change. She is renowned for her ability to turn values into action and vision into results. Fair Futures is at the forefront of conceiving social change while making inroads with global impact and recognition.

Fiona David

Why Fair Futures?

Businesses must decarbonise at scale and speed. It's a "green rush".

But there are serious risks to be managed, including human rights abuses like forced labour and slavery buried deeply in the value chains we depend on. Investment decisions made for net-zero goals can have unintended impacts on food security, livelihoods and labour. Regulators are struggling to keep pace, so regulatory compliance is rarely enough to meet stakeholder expectations. 

Fair Futures was founded by Fiona David in recognition of the urgent need to build new ways of working that enable net zero goals to be met, while respecting human rights.

With Fiona at the forefront of strategy, Fair Futures approaches these problems with fresh thinking, drawing on a background of deep expertise in forced labour and slavery, and a track record of building viable solutions to complex system level problems from the ground up. 

While some risk can be managed at the individual business level, systemic issues require systemic responses to deliver change. Collaboration is key, for businesses and investors, today more than ever before. Engagement with civil society and governments offers new pathways to risk mitigation and value creation. Individual businesses need to to leverage or even lead larger efforts to drive change at the industry or portfolio level.

Fair Futures can help you take a 360-degree perspective on the challenges you face, the stakeholders involved, and the opportunities to drive change.  Through deep stakeholder engagement and research, we work with you to diagnose complex human rights challenges, and to design and build fit for purpose strategies that address immediate risk and drive longer term systems change.

Fair Futures is not here to sell you a pre-prepared answer. We listen and think deeply. We consult widely and then we help you act in ways that manage risk and deliver impact.

While our work draws on decades of experience, and critical foundational thinking around human rights and systems change, we are deeply practical, pragmatic and people-centred. We are here to put human rights into practice, for a fairer future.  


Fiona David Holding Papers

Photo by Raul Ortiz de Lejarazu Machin

“There are hundreds of sustainability consultants out there who can outline your organisation's problems. But there is only one Fiona David who is proactively developing solutions. The difference between Fiona and other consultants is that Fiona isn’t telling you what you should be doing, she’s showing you exactly how to do it.”

About Fiona

Fiona is a world-leading expert in high-impact policy reform and systemic social change.  A trusted advisor to leading philanthropists, business leaders and humanitarian organisations, Fiona turns values into actions and visions into results. 

Through creating the Global Slavery Index, Fiona empowered the modern anti-slavery movement with critical data and insights, resulting in legal and policy reforms globally. This is one of many ways Fiona has worked to raise global awareness and influence the setting of priorities for government and businesses worldwide.  

Her evidence-based policy advice and advocacy to political leaders, as well as peak bodies, leading business figures and employer and employee groups has influenced law reform efforts internationally and in Australia, including Australia's Modern Slavery Act.

Fiona led the drafting of United Nations model laws on transnational organised crime and migrant smuggling, and has conducted research and training on these issues in crime hot-spots globally.

As Research Chair of the Minderoo Foundation, Fiona scaled investment in research excellence linked to impact by $28.5 million. 

Fiona holds a number of Board roles, including as an Independent Director of ACCESS-NRI, Australia's national climate and earth systems modelling infrastructure, and is Nicola Forrest's representative on the Forrest Research Foundation Board of Governors. Fiona is a Member of Chief Executive Women.

Fiona’s humanistic and evidence-based approach to rallying support and impact speaks for itself.  Fiona brings international attention to key issues and the organisations she engages with, through visible relationship-building and connected systems thinking.